How Much Money Do I Need To Retire On?




After slogging away most of your life in a 9-5 job and you reach the ripe, grand old age of 40-50 years, you start pondering and asking yourself “How Much Money Do I Need To Retire On?”.


Well, you might be shocked after reading this article!


For some, this can be a really daunting time in your life, especially if you know it may be only a matter of years after retiring, that your retirement fund could very well dry up and leave you with a less than desirable lifestyle to live out.


The Scary Facts:

Please keep in mind that every country has it’s own laws and rights when it comes to retirement or the pension. But for this example, I am just going to use the United States as an overall indication of what your future may look like…

Fact #1. The first example straight off the bat and a pretty scary one at that… Sadly the average American family as of 2017 and according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), has an average retirement nest egg of just $95,776.

Fact #2. Single or married couples within one household that are close to retirement age (56-61), don’t fare much better with an approximate $163,577 in savings.


Although the above estimates don’t include assets that could potentially be sold… like a house for instance, would of course significantly increase the dollar value on the above averages. But, is selling your house something you really want to part with to only be renting again (chewing away at what retirement money you have left), or worse still moving in with your children or living on the streets, which unfortunately in the United States is a staggering reality when you read the following statistics (<<< Take particular notice of number 7 >>>):

1: 564,708 people in the U.S. are homeless.


2: 83,170 individuals, or 15% of the homeless population, are considered “chronically homeless.


3: 47,725, or about 8% of the homeless population, are veterans.


4: 1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness.


5: 550,000 unaccompanied, single youth and young adults under the age of 24 experience a homelessness episode of longer than one week.


6: 110,000 LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer) youth in the U.S. are homeless.


7: <<< Fifty percent of the homeless population is over the age of 50. >>>


8: 830,120 year-round beds are supplied in a range of housing projects. About half of those beds are dedicated to people currently experiencing homelessness. These include…

  1. Emergency Shelters that provide temporary or nightly shelter beds to people experiencing homelessness.
  2. Transitional Housing that provides homeless people with up to 24 months of housing and supportive services.
  3. Safe Havens that provide temporary shelter and services to hard-to-serve individuals.


Fact #3. The above data is frightening for a number of reasons. For one thing, experts have advised retirees can only withdraw 4% of their retirement assets in their first year of retirement. This equates to just $6,500 in annual income. So as you can imagine, with inflation-based increases in subsequent years and especially well into the future, this is just one of many setbacks in trying to access money (that you originally worked hard to save and is essential just to survive).


Fact #4. A whopping 41% of households in the 55-64 age group have no retirement savings at all. Another 20% have less than $50,000 to live on. And if you’re still relatively young, don’t drop your guard and think ‘Yeah, I’ll be right mate’. Because looking at these statistics, it’s all way too common to slip through the cracks into this group. If you think you fit within this criteria, now is the time to seriously start looking at your retirement nest egg and setting money aside for your future.


Another scary reality is drawn up as a chart (2013) below. In June 2013, the Government Accountability Office released a detailed financial status of households, ranging from the ages of 55 to 64. Please see the following statistics that researchers found:










This means the average household approaching retirement, has a nest egg ranging between $10,000 and $20,000. This number is significantly lower because 41% of these households have no retirement savings at all.


Here is a Free Online Calculator to help you better prepare for retirement. It will also help you determine how much you need to save for retirement if you want to maintain a comfortable, standard of living after you retire. And here is a live Free Currency Converter in case you need to convert your dollar.


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Income examples listed below

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Example Scenario 1
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If you have any further questions on “How Much Money Do I Need To Retire On?”, please leave a comment below and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.


All the best and I hope to see you inside soon…


Founder of “Legitimate Online Business –  pagerank checker


  1. Hello, and thanks for sharing, all I can say is WOW to everything including your post. You have done a wonderful job in showing how this all works together. I am sure that your readers will be amazed just like I am. All I can say is keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Wayne,
    It is amazing how the age for retirement comes on quickly once you start working. Just after you spend all your time slaving at your 9 to 5, too tired to worry about anything else, the age of retirement comes upon you. It is now that one starts to wonder if he is financially ready to retire.

    Fact 4 of your post is interesting. It is alarming that so many people face retirement without a dime. A retirement calculator is a necessary tool for the planning of retirement. It is good that you added it to your post.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the ideal place for one to start a business for retirement. The training is good and the community is very supportive. All the tools that are needed to start and build a business are included in the Premium Membership.

    Thanks for this informative Post. I hope your readers will make good use of the information.

    1. Thank you for your post Luna. Yes it is a very scary reality when you really look into it.

      Although having WA in our corner makes it a lot easier to deal with.

  3. Wow, the statistics are really scary!

    This is a really good article. It’s a wake up call for many people. There’s no point working 9-5 so hard for most of your life and then realize this is something you’re facing after retirement.

    Wealthy Affiliate is really a good place to regain your life with a steady source of passive income if you do it right and consistently. I hope many people could be inspired by your post:)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Jerry.

      Yes, the statistics are a real wake up call and you made a very true comment towards passive income with WA.


  4. That was really interesting! I enjoyed reading the facts and all the information and help you offer!
    You’ve done a great work!

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