How To Make Extra Money From Home



I’ve been making money on the internet since 2003 and I’m going to teach you how I do it…

Above you will see a picture of me sitting on my pride n joy, a 2000 model Honda CBR 1000R Fireblade. I know, it’s not a Lamborghini (although it took off like one lol), and I can assure you, you won’t see pictures of a 5 story mansion with 10 bedrooms and 5 pools just so I can get you to buy a one-time offer. I’m just a normal guy that lives in a Townhouse in Queensland Australia, has a wife, one car and a Harley Davidson that makes money from a website I created… And I’m going to show you how I do it.


Before we even get started… Please let me start by being completely honest with you (if you haven’t already noticed). If you are after a get-rich-scheme by sitting on your arse at home and doing nothing, then please close this window down right now! Sad to say, that you fall into the category of a “93% Chance of Being Scammed” and this legitimate online business is obviously not right for you. If this is the category you wish to fall into and it’s hoards of money you want flowing into your account by tomorrow or next week, then please go do a Google search and I guarantee you, you will find thousands if not millions of these offers just waiting to trap someone like you. In actual fact, proven statistics show that 93% of people looking for online work will be lured into a scam and have hundreds, if not thousands of dollars taken from them.


Look familiar?…








But, if you have been through this harrowing experience before and you haven’t been scared off completely, then please, by all means, come back and I will get YOU started on the right track to earning real money without costing you anything or very little of your own hard-earned dollars.


(Please don’t be offended by what I’m trying to tell you, I’m just being completely honest. And please know, that I’m not here to waste your time or fill you with BS and false promises, I’m going to tell it to you straight, if you can deal with that, then you have come to the right place!)


To give you a better idea of what I see every day on the internet and why I sound so frustrated, I’ve pasted a screen dump just as one example below, showing you how easy it is to fall for these traps. This screen dump came from a Facebook Group that has well over 140,000 members as of March 2017, and the group allows people to advertise “Work From Home Opportunities” within the group:
















Are You Serious???


And this is just one example out of millions.  But do these posts look familiar to you, do they ring alarm bells for you at all?… At the time I took this screen dump, there were over 50 comments of “People Asking For More Information”?? The only thing missing from these posts was a Big Flashing Red Siren screaming out “Run for your lives”!


Just stop and think about it for a moment, do you honestly think that you’re going to be making $3,000 per week on Auto-Pilot? What about getting paid $2,000 per week for posting to Facebook and reading emails (Really??). Or get paid $110 just for a few clicks of the mouse? Wow, no one would ever have to work again, would they? See what I’m getting at here?


Why do people fall for these scams? Because people want to find the easiest way to make money without spending money and without doing anything for it. Yes, it may seem like a lazy attitude to have, but it’s also human nature… we are always trying to simplify things, make things faster, receive it yesterday, not tomorrow!


Wouldn’t the real world of business owners love this it was even possible to become an overnight success story without spending a cent or lifting a finger! Well, guess what, it’s not possible. Most businesses, especially the biggest names you can think of such as Apple, MacDonalds, Microsoft, Facebook, even Google did not become the multi-million dollar companies they are today by not spending a single dime? Heck, most of these started from a small garage at home in the backyard. And for the very little return they did get, they would roll whatever money they received back into the business, and they would repeat this cycle over and over again. This cycle would continue for at least 12 months, even up to 5 years before they even started seeing a profit. Some of these companies even failed at first, but they never gave up, continuing to fight and make their dreams become a reality.


If you have read this far, then congratulations, you are one of the rare 7% that realize making money online is something that is not going to rain $ signs from the skies without putting some effort into your new business. The good news is, and even though I said earlier you can’t make money without spending money, I’m going to show you a real ‘Legitimate Online Business‘ that can and will make you an ongoing residual income for the rest of your life without spending a single cent of your own money (to start with). Yes, that’s right… I said to start with. But don’t let me scare you off just yet…


The reason it’s going to initially cost you nothing is because the business is designed to show you exactly what it’s made of, how it’s going to help you and show you the amount of money you can potentially earn without costing you a single dime.


That’s why it cost $0 to start up with Wealthy Affiliate. And it can remain at $0 for the life of your membership, it is completely up to you. You can still continue as a free member and still make money, it may take longer to get there, but it is possible. You can cancel at any time with no obligations or fees, you don’t even require a credit card to be a free member.


When I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I stayed as a free member right up till just before the 7th day was about to end. I’d spent enough time reviewing everything there was within Wealthy Affiliate and what they had to offer, but more noted was the amount of proof provided from members earning a lot of money. Members that have actually resigned from their 9-5 jobs to solely concentrate on their Wealthy Affiliate businesses. Being experienced in Internet Marketing for the past 14 years or more, I immediately saw the value and earning potential in upgrading to premium, so I jumped on-board as soon as possible to start seriously building my new Wealthy Affiliate business. I even got a ‘Special Bonus’ of receiving my first month at 59% off the original price.


Special Bonus: Like Wealthy Affiliate, I also believe in carrying bonuses or specials forward to team members as well. If you wish to upgrade to a Premium Membership before your 7th-day finishes, you will also get your first month for just $19. This will all be explained to you after you have joined within your Wealthy Affiliate back office. There will be another bonus I will pass onto you, but I will cover this once you have settled into your new business (and this additional bonus I will give to you is also completely free).


Just keep in mind, being a premium member is a personal choice and you can remain a free member for as long as you like. However, premium membership does have a lot of benefits and will increase your earning capacity substantially. You can learn more about the benefits of Premium Membership Here.


Heck, there are members of Wealthy Affiliate that are still classed as a “Starter Members” (members who paid $0 dollars after signing up) that are still making a lucrative income online. That is one of the biggest benefits when joining Wealthy Affiliate, the choice is totally yours and you will always be in control of your finances.


Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

That’s a really easy question to answer… If you have a computer, laptop, iPad or even a mobile phone connected to the internet, if you can follow simple instructions and have a desire to become a full-time stay at home internet marketer, then absolutely, you can definitely earn money with Wealthy Affiliate. But, you’re not going to start making money tomorrow or next week. Remember, I’m going to be honest with you. How much money you make and when you start making money is completely up to you. But if you are willing to put in the time to learn and be patient, then I can honestly tell you, it will definitely pay off for you!


Here is a link that will take you to a page showing you proof that anyone can make a substantial amount of money within Wealthy Affiliate.


Fact: Wealthy Affiliate has never missed paying members on the 1st of every month since 2005. Considering all the scams out there, that is one very pretty impressive record to have!


Now before I get onto the ‘Subject’ of this post, any other burning questions you have about Wealthy Affiliate, simply Click This Link to get the answers. If by any chance you still have a question, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible with the answer 🙂


Now in the previous paragraphs above, I gave you the shortened version of ‘A Beginners Guide To Making A Profitable Income Online’ if you have read enough and just want to get straight into making money with Wealthy Affiliate.


Now we get into what I do to make this money…


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you refer a potential customer to an online product, and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission for that purchase.


The commission you receive from this varies anywhere from $1 to $10,000 depending on what product or item you are promoting. And know, I’m not kidding… I’ve seen 10k And Above Earnings from members of Wealthy Affiliate.


One of the most common questions people ask is how do these companies keep a track record of who is sending the traffic to their websites and who is making the sales for them? It’s quite simple really… with a tracking URL (this is a unique link that was given to me by the affiliate company I chose to be Affiliated to or partnered with). In this case, it is with, one of, if not the most popular Affiliate companies you can be a part of that sell products worldwide.


Many online companies such as Amazon for example, that sell just about everything you could possibly think of, offer Affiliate programs. There are also web-hosting sites, online shoe shops, online candy shops, online computer accessories shops that you also offer affiliate programs. 


Probably the easiest way to find companies that provide affiliate programs is to do a Google Search. Let’s say just as an example, you were interested in selling fitness equipment, you could try typing in the following keywords into the Google Search field: fitness equipment + affiliate program” 


After I found the right affiliate program with the right products I was interested in selling or promoting, Amazon gave me a unique tracking link. I placed the corresponding image with that link attached to my Wealthy Affiliate website, which then gets promoted online (Don’t panic if this all sounds very confusing to you, I can promise you, you will get full training on this when you start your Wealthy Affiliate training and Kyle explains it far easier than what I do).


When a customer clicks on your affiliate link/image within your website, they get diverted to that particular companies website you are affiliated to, already you have received a commission just for recommending that customer. If the customer purchases a product, you receive yet another larger commission depending on the cost of that product. That’s it and this continues day & night, the possibilities and the amount of money you can earn is endless. You only have to think about the 3.75 Billion People Online searching for products every single waking hour of the day, this is nothing short of phenomenal, and as the population grows with the internet sensation, so does the earning capacity of your online business.


Just to give you another example; I’ve supplied you some ‘Amazon Links’ below. When you click each link (as a customer would click on with the Amazon icons/images), you and/or the customer will get taken to the Amazon website for that particular product I am advertising, with my Amazon Affiliate link attached (see wwebb-20 within the URL (Universal Resource Locator)). wwebb-20 is my affiliate link that Amazon gave me to advertise these products:

Please Note: To select the e-book version for any of the below options, please click the image on the top-left-hand side within the Amazon page to be taken to another page. From there select ‘Kindle’:

The links I have provided above are highly recommended products from my site. I have personally chosen these in helping newbies to get the best possible start in building and promoting their websites to receive maximum income in the shortest possible amount of time.


Oh, and before I forget, just about every affiliate program has a set TOS. As an example, many affiliate companies offer a 60-day or even longer cookie period. This means if a particular visitor uses my special affiliate link again to land on the sales page of that same site I recommended previously and buys something again within that set TOS, I will be entitled to another sale’s commission. Not bad hey, especially when you think about happy returning customers, which I do get a lot of!


The lure of affiliate marketing is undeniable in this day and age. I mean who can resist an ongoing passive income from the comfort of home?


But to make passive income a reality, I had to put in some work first. Yes I know, that dreaded word ‘Work’. But compare that to the real world and the meaning is literally galaxies apart. This type of work I have done and what you will be doing is educating, it’s something you are already passionate about and it’s fun, so much fun it can actually become addictive.


To succeed in Affiliate Marketing, there are a number of crucial steps one must take before anyone can start earning their first lot of affiliate profits. And these steps aren’t exactly passive.


But, it’s not all bad news. Because like myself and the thousands of other Wealthy Affiliate members, if you’re determined to make this work and are willing to put in the time and effort, you’re already well on your way to making yourself into a successful Affiliate Marketer!


Also, think of it this way… All the hard yards you put in is only going to help you make your first sale a lot easier and a lot faster. Trust me, there is nothing like that first sale that hits a high note in motivating you to even bigger achievements.


Earning Your First Affiliate Commission

Ok, to make it easier, I have broken down the following process into 4 short steps for anyone new to Affiliate Marketing.


If you follow these simple steps, you are definitely on the right path to earning your first commission payout in no time at all.


1. Choosing a Niche

Before you even begin to put tools in hand and build your first website, you’ll need to have a good hard think about what niche you are going to target your audience on.


Choose or think about a Niche that you’re passionate about, or have had some sort of experience with. Even if there is something that interests you and you would like to learn more about it. But, just keep in mind when it finally comes down to choosing your Niche, if you don’t know what your site is about or who it is you’re exactly targeting, then it’s only going to making it so much harder for yourself when it comes to building a website you know nothing about.


On the other hand, if have already got something in mind… way to go!


Don’t get to overwhelmed with choosing a Niche if you are having difficulties in coming up with an idea. To help you, I have provided some advice that you might find useful.


2. What topics are you already passionate about?

It’s much easier to work on something when you have an undeniable passion for it. And, when you have a passion, you tend to be quite knowledgeable about it.


3. What’s my niche?

To help you further in deciding on what niche is suitable for you, I have provided you with a free tutorial/video called Whats my niche. Very engaging video and worth watching right to the end, as it will give you valuable pointers in choosing a suitable niche for yourself.


4. Are you going to make money in this niche?

This is one of the most common questions asked when it comes to finding that perfect niche. And as you can probably already imagine, everyone is naturally going to look for the “hottest niche” out there.


However, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect niche‘ or the ‘hottest niche‘. You simply make a niche profitable and this is done as you build out your website. It comes down to your ability to help people within a given niche. If you can accomplish this, you build trust and you will ultimately be able to recommend products/services to them and convert potential customers at a very high rate.


Never should you second guess whether or not a niche will be profitable for you? It will be, and you will make it profitable.


Over the years of being in internet marketing and with every single niche I entered into, it has turned profitable. Of course, all at different times and at different levels of effort. But they all ended up being profitable. So please don’t stress about that, as long as you are willing to work at it, it will happen for you!


Think of it this way… There are 3.75 Billion People Online and this number grows at an alarming rate globally. We are all now connected more than what we ever have in years gone by. This is the global audience you are dealing with and it is very likely that even the most obscure niches that you can come up with, have an audience numbering into the “millions”. Yes, millions!


You make a niche profitable and that is why it is important that you decide on a niche that you are interested in and passionate about. It will make the journey that much more fun and exciting.


So in answer to the question… YES, your niche is going to be profitable. Every niche can be very profitable, as in, a full-time business online.


So as you can see from what you have read so far, the possibilities of multiple income streams are very real with affiliate marketing. If you were to find more than one niche to use as another source of income, your percentage rate on payout commissions would more than double very quickly.


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate still plays the main role in helping me kick-start my affiliate programs. Wealthy affiliate provides me with the websites to build, all the tools I need, training and the hosting of my websites. Most of which is included in my premium membership.

Please remember: you can still do everything above as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate. The two free websites you get after joining Wealthy Affiliate, still allow you to have your affiliate links attached to your chosen niches.


But, there are still other chapters Wealthy Affiliate plays in my online earning potential. Basically, what you are reading right now is based on promoting Wealthy Affiliate to new or potential members just like yourself. This additional website I have created is another income stream for me. But in saying that, it is not a necessity nor a requirement to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Again, the choice is totally yours. And please let me be clear on this… Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scheme. MLM’s are just outright scams as they solely rely on gathering as my people to join below you, pay a joining fee and this ferocious cycle continues down the line. You get nothing in return for paying this fee to join and it’s not long before everyone realizes it’s all too hard to keep promoting and losing members below you before it all comes crashing down and you’ve lost money yet again.


Put simply, there is no joining fee with Wealthy Affiliate. To make money, you don’t even have to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You can just remain a free Affiliate promoter of products you are already passionate about and recommend these products to people searching for them online. Not like MLM’s… you don’t go searching for customers, customers come searching for you. And yes, you get a nice commission just for recommending these searching customers to a company that sells that particular product they are after.


Just reiterating that Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM, so involving friends or family is not a requirement. In fact, my family and friends only know I’m doing some online business, no different really to what I’ve been doing for the past 14 years. I always recommend you at least start making a good on-going income and you have had a few years experience in WA before going down that track. If for any reason my friends or family did approach me (and I repeat, they would have to approach me), I would give them a basic outline of what’s involved in Wealthy Affiliate and ask them what is it they are after, what are their needs and what do they hope to get out of joining Wealthy Affiliate before even sending them to my website.











I still don’t believe you should promote WA to family or friends unless you have a few years experience behind you, but if you insist and are confident enough to do so, then please at least read the following article that will help you prepare before approaching anyone (online or offline): Promoting Wealthy Affiliate or simply click the banner above.


Okay… another question for you: Is Wealthy Affiliate all fluffy clouds and rose petals?

I am going to shed a little light on what I see as a major problem with anyone that is new to Wealthy Affiliate. I mean members who think way too big and expect everything to start happening yesterday! I have seen a lot of new members write up their goals (you will do this as well as a new member), that state some very unrealistic expectations.


Remember: Wealthy Affiliate is not a Scam! Yes, you can make some pretty good money on the internet and yes you can make some pretty good money with WA. Even more so when following Wealthy Affiliates free training and video tutorials provided for you to succeed in marketing products online. But it’s human nature these days to want something, not today or tomorrow, but ‘yesterday‘. Unfortunately, people get caught up in a fantasy land and seriously need to back off on the jet fuel and come back down to earth.


Just to get through the lessons and training videos provided for you, and depending on how much time you can afford to spend on each lesson, you could be looking at least a month if you were to spend just about every waking hour on correctly completing each lesson. If you could spare a possible 3 to 4 hours per day, you may be looking at approximately 3 months to complete. Even then, you may find yourself going back to some of these lessons to review again cause you may have forgotten how to complete a certain problem you are having with your website for example.


It would be almost like you enrolling in a 4-year university degree and in less than 3 months, expecting to get paid a full-time income in that particular field you haven’t even qualified for!


Here are a few examples of some goals I’ve seen written within Wealthy Affiliate…

  • New members quoting they would like to make a 6 figure income within 3 months?
  • Putting in just 1 hour per day and start earning a 5-6 figure income within 6 months?
  • Comparing Wealthy Affiliate to scams out there and expecting 10k within 1 month or even a week?
  • Paying cash for their first car within 1 month?


So guess what happens: New Wealthy Affiliate members that normally write up such unrealistic, and to be quite honest, outrageous expectations are setting themselves up for failure. What do you think will happen when they, or you, don’t reach those unrealistic goals? Of course, you will become deflated, very quickly, you will lose focus and ultimately lose your drive to continue.


After you have joined WA, please be realistic in your goal setting. There is no such thing as a program or any Money Making Scheme online that can deliver such unrealistic goals like the ones above (except for scams).


Make your goals achievable and within reach. And then when you have reached that goal, set up another one and so forth. That’s what I did, and when I have reached a goal in less time than I originally thought, well that’s just another motivating positive. Setting over expected time goals, also allows you to lead a normal life and more importantly… so that you don’t burn yourself out!


Don’t get me wrong, there are WA members that have started making 1-3k per month after only working at it for 3 months. But, they have put in the hours to achieve this. As I have previously said many times before… ‘It all comes down to you’ and how much effort and time you are able to put in!


I have been an affiliate marketer since 2003, so as you can imagine, I have practically done all the research for you within this time and I can tell you I’ve reviewed hundreds, maybe even thousands of money making, stay at home, online programs. And yes, I have even been scammed by some of them. But in these 14+ years, and besides WA, I’ve only ever come across one which panned out or delivered on what was promised. Even then, they shut their doors only after 18 months of being in business. And it was only pure luck that I happened to withdraw my money before they went belly-up. I knew hundreds of members that lost money into the thousands from that particular program, so it’s not something that I would exactly call a legitimate online or even reliable business!


But, that fast-make-me-money mentality still resonates throughout the internet, I see it every single day. Even when I visit online scam reports, I’m still amazed as to the hundreds of people still submitting scam complaints on a daily basis.


Again… please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that an affiliate marketer can’t make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, or per year. I just strongly suggest you are far better off setting smaller, long-term goals and it will happen for you. I’m confident in saying that because it is happening to me and it’s happening to thousands of other WA members since 2005. Have a look at the proof for yourself.


Here’s something for you to ponder on

I am a product of Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve had more than 14 years experience and do quite well for myself online.

Just like myself, you will also find success utilizing Wealthy Affiliates training. It’s pretty straightforward and Kyle (owner of Wealthy Affiliate) keeps everything at a beginners level, makes the training achievable, exciting and fun.

I have built a successful online business from my training at Wealthy Affiliate and with my support, guidance, and input from the WA community, I have every bit of confidence, you will achieve the same success.

Whether you decide to take the affiliate marketing path and create multiple streams of income, or you wish to just promote WA, heck, eventually you may take advantage of all the opportunities available to you in making a nice little income for yourself online.

Due to the training I have received at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve learned how to set up a website correctly, how to promote websites correctly, and how to earn a passive income correctly.

This very website you are reading right now was built from the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate. You can actually set up a website similar to this one in less than a day with Wealthy Affiliates training. Kyle (owner of Wealthy Affiliate) actually set up a website in under 30 seconds. When I first read this statement, I thought no way… that is until I saw Kyle actually do it!

The Wealthy Affiliate training you receive even shows you how to write content for a website, they teach what keywords mean and how to utilize them in ranking your website to number 1 in Google.

Before I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I couldn’t even write a bio on myself without screwing it up. My grammar, spelling, and punctuation weren’t really up to scratch either. But not only did they teach me how to write content that was readable, interesting and engaging, but they also taught me how to connect with my audience.

I have other businesses I run from home, one of them is a reptile business where I design my own websites, graphics, and marketing etc. I thought I knew everything when it came to building websites as I graduated in Information Technology, Graphic & Web Design approximately 30 years ago. That is, till I started the training. I soon realized how I had been doing everything so wrong and back the front. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, or how little, the training you receive doesn’t even compare to top-rated universities and certainly not for $0 per month or even as a premium member for $49 per month. And you know what else is fantastic?… Not like waiting to graduate, it won’t take 6, 5 or even 4 years to become financially free!

Another part of the training you will receive, which I might add is also free and is something you probably won’t even recognize as part of your achievements, is the confidence you will inherit in being able to promote your website and/or business and sell any product from that website for a commission. Something that will make all the hard work worth every second and a lifestyle you once thought never achievable.

And, like you in given time, I work from home, I have my own set schedule with very little or no overheads. I do most of my affiliate marketing from the comfort of home. Wealthy Affiliate allows me to lead a very comfortable life without the stresses of working for someone else. No more debts and the freedom to travel whenever we want. Yes, holidays, my wife and I are actually heading off to Bali this year, last year we went to Koi Samui Thailand and the year before Phuket. And even when I’m on holiday, I still allow myself just a few hours a day to check in on my WA business. When I tell my wife I have to do some work, she just laughs at me… I’m serious, she does lol.


It costs you nothing to join Wealthy Affiliate, there are no credit card requirements. You have nothing to lose by at least having a look.



If there is anything I haven’t covered or any lingering questions you may still have, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate real soon so I can start teaching you… “How To Make Extra Money From Home!

Wayne –  pagerank checker


  1. I am surprised that the amount of people in the work from home groups who buy into the email marketing scams. I have scoured these groups myself.

    One thing that I am wondering was if I should avoid promoting Wealthy Affiliate on these forums so I distance myself from the scammers? I was initially promoting it a little bit but stopped to rethink my marketing efforts. I feel like the scams that the people fall for are making people have predispositions on the legit opportunities.

    Also would these groups be a good place to just share my article content from my website as oppose to just promoting the affiliate link straight up?

    Thank you for your advice and it would be much appreciated


    1. Hi Jessie

      Thanks for your post. I agree with keeping clear of forums that promote scams, particularly if you are referring to the Facebook screenshot I took. I myself have tested the waters with such forums, and I find the response I get is from a few enquiries to zilch. Simply because they have probably seen so many miss guided promises and have been scammed before from the very same forums.

      Personally, your far better off creating a personal page or group within Facebook as just one example to promote WA or for any business really. You will reach a far more larger audience by requesting likes etc to your page that are a lot more reliable than any Online Business Group that is open to any business advertising (more so scams).

      You could also look at spending as little as $20-$40 per month for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns that Facebook and other reliable communication/sociable sites usually allow.

      Thanks again and I hope this has helped you…


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