I Hate My Job








It’s a sad but proven fact that 80% of people worldwide are unsatisfied with their jobs!


And right now, I’m guessing your one of these statistics, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now… right?


Well, the good news is your definitely not alone, and I personally went through the same depressing feelings many years ago. But that’s what I’m here for… To help you get out of the rut you feel like you’re hopelessly stuck in.









There are many reasons why people can’t stand the job they are in… the boss, the people they work with, the stress, the commute to and from work, the long hours, the surrounding environment, the pay and the list goes on and on. And given time, this can ultimately take a toll on your health, physically and emotionally!


Every day I see many people heading off to work unhappy, tired, stressed and then they repeat the exact same thing the very next day. And this gets repeated until the day of their retirement. Pretty sad when you think about it.


But to me, that’s not living! Would you call this living? You may very well call this a living because it puts food on the table, it also may pay the bills and support your family, but what about the rewards? Do you honestly think your job is a rewarding experience in your life? Is your job allowing you to live the American or Aussie dream? Does your job allow you to spend time with your family? Does your job allow you to relax, are you in control of your job and the hours you work? Do you set the time and how much you want to work and where you want to work? What about your hourly rate or weekly pay, are you really getting paid what you’re worth?


My guess right about now, is your really thinking about everything I just pointed out above and more than likely questioning your own life that may not exactly be ideal for what you would call living!






On the other hand, most people that can’t get a job would say you should be grateful. But how can you be grateful when you’re in a toxic work situation? A situation where you find it near impossible to pull yourself out of bed every morning, a situation that has you so tempted to pick up the phone (with no sick leave left) and call your shitty boss in a low sickly voice… “Sorry boss, but I won’t be in today” looks like I’ve caught this blasted flu (cough, cough).


When you’re in such a miserable headspace, how are you suppose to be productive and perform well at your job? You can’t… right?


How do you think this is affecting your own health, your stress levels? How do you think it’s affecting your work colleagues and more importantly, your family?


The negative vibes you are radiating are enough for anyone to stay well clear of you. This is making you feel even more miserable because you know how miserable you are making everyone else!…


So how do I get out of this you ask?

Sometimes all you need is a bit of a nudge to get you into believing that not all is lost. That you can turn this around before you sink even further into that black hole. Where you feel so useless, and self-esteem is at an all-time low that you slowly start sinking into depression and feel you have no way out!


Or, that nudge may have already happened when you recently got fired, or you simply just couldn’t stand the way you were feeling anymore and told the boss to shove it and walked out!


Either way, don’t just sit back and think it will work itself out, cause “itself” wouldn’t still have you in this same situation!


If you are still working, don’t let the days turn into weeks, because that’s just another day or more weeks of your life wasted whilst you swim around in the murky piranha-filled waters, lining their filthy pockets with the millions of dollars you are making for them in profit each year!


So, “Time For Change”. But writing or saying it is a hell of a lot easier than actually kicking your rear end into gear and making it happen!


But, that’s why you’re here I’m guessing? And that’s why I’m here, to kick that rear end and give you a bit of jolt to start changing your life into the positive person you should be, living a life of financial freedom, no boss and working from the comfort of home, or where ever in the world that may be while on holiday with your laptop. And of course, your family and friends that deserve your happiness and well-being!


Is it even possible to actually leave your job and work from home? YES, I and plenty of others are living proof that it can be done… You just have to make it happen. Write down a plan and research your plan. Place or post your plan where you can see it every day… on your fridge or on the computer. Stay motivated and keep working at it, never give up! You can have control of your life again, you just have to be patient, believe in yourself and keep at it. And do not let others dictate your life. Because those that do dictate your life, are usually the ones who are truly unhappy in their own lives, or with what they have become and have no confidence to strive in bettering themselves, so it makes them feel better by putting you down. You are here right now and there is a reason for it. I KNOW you want to BETTER yourself and I KNOW you want to succeed and start living the life you deserve before it’s too late!


The first thing we need to do is work out what your interests are, what are your hobbies, what are you passionate about? This is your new direction in life as we start you on something that you’re going to love doing, it will be the start of your new business venture, not a job and you will “Be Your Own Boss”. It will be something you are passionate about and something you will get paid to do a few hours per day with ongoing multiple streams of income!







When you have worked out what you are passionate about, enter your new business domain name into the below field. If you don’t have an interest or hobby you can think of right now, don’t worry, we will come up with one for you (that still relates to you) further down the page.


Now this new domain name you enter below will be used for the new website we are going to help you in building your new business. Right now, your probably thinking “How much is this going to cost me?” Nothing and I’m serious, zero dollars and you actually get two websites to play with if you choose, plus hosting for both websites completely free. This also includes 10 x professional website building and business entrepreneur lessons guiding you every step of the way in getting your websites set up and making money for you.


“What’s the catch?” There is no catch, you don’t even need a credit card. All you need is your new business (domain) name, your personal details and an email address, and your good to go. The only thing we do ask for… Is your attention, your willingness to learn and action what you have learned. Simple as that!


Please enter your new domain name in the following field:

After you have submitted your domain name above, and as long as the name is available, you will see a green signal to the right stating “Available“. If you see this, then you’re clear to click on the blue “Build it Now” button to the right.


You will then be taken to a website to confirm that name again, just make sure your domain name is still listed in the blank field and then simply click the blue button below the domain name field “Build My Free Website!” to get started.


(On the other hand, if you already have a business website, domain or an established online/offline business and you just want some extra training in internet marketing or you want to learn how to get extra traffic to your website and start making a profit for yourself, you are still more than welcome to join for free at the WealthyAffiliate.com website)


Or, if you are not sure what you’re passionate about, or you’re stuck coming up with a domain name, Click Here to be taken to my How To Build A Website Free page and we will help you come up with an idea or name.


From there, you will then be taken to the biggest and most popular network marketing platform called “Wealthy Affiliate University“. WA (Wealthy Affiliate) was created way back in 2005 by two experienced online entrepreneurs named Kyle & Carson that has grown this multi-million dollar company into 850,000+ members. Most of these members share monthly commissions well in excess of 1 million dollars. And these same members started out just like you are right now!


WA has helped develop full-time internet marketers that are able to work from home and are making some very serious money. Enough money, they have been able to leave their miserable jobs behind and have since claimed their lives back to freedom!


Being apart of this wonderful community myself, I now work my own hours, I am my own boss, have multiple income streams coming in, travel the world on holidays with my beautiful wife and all I take with me is my trusty laptop just to check in occasionally during the day to make sure everything is running smoothly and answer any questions you may have. Yes, I personally will be mentoring you, including owners Kyle & Carson plus the WA community will be on hand 24/7 to help you succeed. In fact, the only way to fail in WA is if you give up… So you have no excuse!


If for any reason you’ve decided not to fill out the domain name above, the next step will be to provide your personal details and sign up on the next page for the Free Starter Membership.


Congratulations, you are done. Once you are inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a personal message from me and Kyle (Owner of WA) welcoming you to the team with further instructions directing you to your first level 1 certificate in internet marketing.


We are going to be there with you every step of the way, including the tremendous 24-hour support from the Wealthy Affiliate Community that will keep you driving forward every day to make sure you get your business up and running and on the road to success in making a full or part-time income for yourself from the comfort of home.


Do you have any questions?

If there is any concerns or queries you still have, please do not hesitate to comment below. Being a mentor since 2003, that’s what I am here for, to help you succeed! There is nothing more satisfying than being able to help others in creating a brand new business/website from scratch and building it up to a profitable online business that you are not only passionate about but gives you a life that you originally never thought possible. So please do hit me up if you need anything at all and I’ll be sure to get back to as soon as possible.


Look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate soon.


Wayne Webb
Entrepreneur since 2003


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  1. I j have one business idea now I’m considering .However are there any specific guidelines to follow when choosing something to go with

    1. Hi Dale

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, only just got back from leave.

      With any niche or business idea you may have, it’s always good practice to use and abuse Google as much as possible. Do some searches on your chosen business just to get a feel of how popular it is. Also, visit your local government sites to check on Business Name & ABN availability, also do a search on domain names to make sure it is available for your particular country. For example: .com if your in the States, or com.au if you’re in Australia are the most common and most popular ones when it comes to potential customers finding you on the internet.

      But if you join WA, you don’t have to worry about any of that, it’s all done for you. And the tools that are provided for you inside WA cover all this and more so your business has the best possible start in the world of online businesses. But I would say more importantly, to get you up and running asap in earning residual income from the comfort of home.

      Hope this helps…


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