What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam?


Well, as the old saying goes… “The proof is in the pudding” and here it is served up “HOT”…


So, “What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam?”… Before I even begin to start breaking down this question for you, it is a well known fact that online scams feed off the public’s back pocket for no more than twelve months, just enough time to rip off as many people as they can before disappearing with everyone’s hard earned money, only to pop-up again under a different name and start the process all over again.


But after reading that bit of doom and gloom and hoping your not one of the statistics that has fallen victim to an online scam, it’s a really nice breath of fresh air to know that not all online business opportunities are like this…


Even though 93% of all online opportunities are fake and the chance of finding anything legitimate is as low as 7%, you will be happy to know that Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2005 and presently retains over 1 Million rock-solid members and growing quickly each and every single day!


These are real people that are making real money. Nearly every member of WA (Wealthy Affiliate) are earning single, multiple, even triple income streams by using the training and tools provided to them in WA. Most have even left their full-time jobs as they are now creating additional incomes each and every month from Wealthy Affiliate.


How much are WA members earning? Although every individual is different, a majority of members are only taking 2-3 months in part-time hours to earn what it would normally take them 12 months to make slaving away in a 9-5 job.


So, as you have probably already worked out by now… Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a Scam and is listed within the very few 7% of legitimate online businesses in the world.


And not like other scams out there, we are not going to lie to you and advise members of WA are earning this by sitting on their rear ends at home doing nothing. This is what 93% of other online business opportunities (cough, cough… scams) will tell you over and over again, and as long as you keep falling for them, you will keep getting scammed over and over again…








When you are a member of WA, yes we will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way till you are making a residual income online. No, we can’t make you do this, but if you Take Action it will happen for you. This is something you will see constantly whilst you are completing your training in WA.


Scams will make you believe they are literally going to throw money at you for free and the money will be falling from the skies in less than one week. You won’t see any of this BS and complete lies when you join WA.


If you are willing to learn and take action, and I mean by completing each training module and applying what you have learned, I can assure you, you will start seeing the fruits of your labor and a monthly income that you previously thought out of reach. This is how a real online business works, and is not only the ONLY way but the REAL way a business operates and has proven so since 2005!


Put plainly… If Wealthy Affiliate was even remotely associated with being a scam, I’d be filling you with BS lies and advising you’ll “Earn $1,000 inside your initial day, or earn $10,000 in your initial month”, I’d even go further by adding pictures of Ferrari’s and/or Lamborghini’s parked out the front of my Five Story Mansion. And guess what? You don’t even have to lift a finger to have all of this and more at the click of a button… Lies, lies and more lies!


I’m sure this looks familiar to you?…








Want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and how you will be making money online, Please Click Here.


It is extremely frustrating seeing these statements online every single day. And what’s even more frustrating is seeing hundreds, if not thousands of people flocking to these advertisements wanting more information, all because they see huge $$$ signs and don’t have to lift a finger in becoming an overnight millionaire!


As you have gotten this far within the article, I must be making some sense and you’re probably realizing by now what I’ve written above is correct, and more than likely, seen it many times before. Perhaps you’ve even lost a lot of money and time by being lured into false statements and promises. But don’t worry, you are not alone and that’s what I’m here for, to help you in finding a legitimate online business where you will never be scammed again.


As the most popular saying goes… “Nothing is for free in this world”. But if you’re willing to learn more in making your dreams a reality, then please read on…


Back to Wealthy Affiliate… Let me simply start off by saying, before I even started as a member of WA, I completed an exhaustive search via Google researching a variety of scam sites, but I could not find one instance of a scam on Wealthy Affiliate, including any legitimate complaints that Wealthy Affiliate is not the real deal!


So of course, I decided to join just to test the waters and considering it costs $0 to start, there was no way knowing I was going to lose out by spending any of my own money, they didn’t even need a credit card to join.


With so many scams out there that give nothing but false pretenses in making you rich in no time at all, I was not taking the risk by spending one more single dime on another disappointment that has not only wasted my time but more importantly my money that I work so hard for every single day.


If you’re looking for a legitimate way that makes real money online without jumping entering every detail of your personal life just to qualify for online surveys and getting paid very little (if at all) for your efforts, then this review on Wealthy Affiliate might be exactly what you’ve been searching for.


It is a proven fact that approximately 93% of online marketing ploys are straight-up scams! However, please don’t let this intimidating statistic prevent you from achieving your lifelong goals through genuine business opportunities such as Wealthy Affiliate. This is one decision I have never regretted and I can assure you… something you will never regret!


Here is my own personal review on Wealthy Affiliate

After joining for $0, I started using Wealthy Affiliate’s services to the absolute maximum, especially reviewing current members posts and comments. To my surprise, I found nothing but positive reviews, and remember, these are real people that have been with Wealthy Affiliate from 6 months up to the time Wealthy Affiliate first launched way back in 2005. Some of the proof supplied by these members showing off their PayPal accounts were not only proven as real, but truly astounding. Members were showing off their first monthly paychecks ranging from beginners not even a month old earning their first dollar, right up to long-term members earning $10,000+ per month and higher. I also discovered that Wealthy Affiliate has never missed a payment on the 1st of every month to its members since 2005! Not a bad record to have in my own opinion.


So I can tell you with complete confidence that Wealthy Affiliate is Definitely NO Scam.






If you would like further proof, I have provided some links for you below to browse through in your own time. Take note that these are real members of Wealthy Affiliate that have taken the time to write their own unbiased opinions on their very own WA Profiles. These are not paid or made up testimonials you see with most online business opportunities:


Success Stories within Wealthy Affiliate:


How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy affiliate can be described as an online business community that goes out of its way to encourage personal business growth amongst all of its members. The many programs that Wealthy Affiliate has developed and provides to its members, aims to help people that are serious about making money online and to get tons of useful and relevant information that helps guide them through every step in becoming a successful online entrepreneur.


The WA co-founders Kyle & Carson, participate actively in the day to day running of the programs. Quite often you will seem both participating in the discussions and forums frequently and you will even see them helping out members run their campaigns and other businesses at all hours of the night and morning.


Kyle and Carson’s primary goal within WA is to not only help members achieve success in obtaining financial stability, but WA itself as a whole is probably one of the very few companies and directors who take the time to respond to every post from their Wealthy Affiliate back office. They both make it quite evident they have everyone’s best interests at heart. I personally have contacted Kyle and got a response back within half an hour. Since I started in internet marketing back in 2003, I’ve never received a response from the director of the company, let alone being able to find any contact details.


I’m sure you’re as curious as I am in wanting to know exactly what it is they do to make money through Wealthy Affiliate. The truth is, Kyle & Carson started out just like you or I will. Both directors come up with their own passionate ideas or niche’s to start making money online. This is by far the best thing about this program, as it allows and encourages members to follow their own passion and convert it into a positive and financial income.


The training and programs will not leave you bored to tears either, as you may have originally thought. It’s only a matter of learning and implementing what you already love doing and integrating this into your training.


I bet you never thought to yourself that any one of these interests or hobbies below (and there is a lot more than this out there) can make you a lot of money…









Haven’t got a hobby? Not sure if you have a passion? Don’t worry, the Wealthy Affiliate training will give you all the guidance you need in searching various options in finding your own personal niche. This is something else incorporated into the training and along with the affiliate boot camps which will help you start from the bottom and build you all the way up and beyond your ideal career path, whether formal or informal. You also have support from 850,000+ members who will always be there to give advice if needed.


You can also simply type in “find a niche” within the search field of Wealthy Affiliate and you will soon see multiple selections of links to investigate in giving you ideas on what business you can create online.


This is far more productive compared to those boring marketing programs that require you to market products or services that you would never normally be interested in.


When you start this program, Kyle comes up with different ideas on searching for that perfect niche within the first few training modules. So not only will you have identified your niche, but your earning potential will also be coming to light. This will then become the platform you need to market yourself.


Wealthy Affiliate’s training also allows an interactive experience that exposes you to discuss your business ideas with the community. This not only allows you to further develop your business skills, but the community will help in giving advice and inspire you even further into your new adventure.


Turning your passion into an income generator…

Previously I was mentioning the choice of a niche that interests you. If you could imagine taking up the first niche that came to mind, it wouldn’t take long to reach boredom or even burnout. Therefore, it is extremely important that you take up an interest that is going to drive you, an interest that is eventually going to turn over a very profitable income. This is another valuable trait that Wealthy Affiliate steers you towards when it comes to you pursuing your own interests and earn extra income at the same time.


It is a proven fact and It goes without saying that you are likely to be much more successful in anything you choose to do if you’re doing what you love. And this is how Wealthy Affiliate plays a very important part in your training towards developing a successful and profitable income online. Therefore, it is in your best interest to use the video training Wealthy Affiliate provides, to better position yourself in making money from your passion.


As an example: if you love cooking, or you know how to play a certain musical instrument, what about traveling or gaming? The possibilities are endless and you can use these talents to your advantage to earn an income online.


Click Here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and the 10 lessons you will receive without paying a dime!


If you look back at the example above in the previous paragraph and just for arguments sakes, your interest was music, for instance, you could reach out to other aspiring musicians in Wealthy Affiliate. Being 850,000+ members strong, I can pretty much guarantee you there will be other people within the community that are also music enthusiasts, cooks, gamers, travellers etc etc etc. This is especially in your favour, as the community will not only help you create an attractive looking website with great information, but they will also give you all the advice you need if you do not have the expertise yourself. And don’t forget about all the video training and lessons that are coupled on top of all this… At no cost to you what so ever.


The most successful members within Wealthy Affiliate have created their own websites with no paid experts, no fancy bells, and whistles, but instead, people communicating with the outside world sharing what he or she is passionate about!


You will also be taught how to generate traffic to your website. Just like owning an off-line business, all it takes is word of mouth for your idea or business to get around amongst the world wide web which is approximately 3.75 billion eyes. Once your website starts generating traffic, you can start adding advertisements and/or products within your websites enabling customers the opportunity to purchase those services. So when someone clicks on a particular advertisement you have attached to your website, you get paid. And this can happen multiple times each and every day which in turn generates more interest, more sales and of course more revenue deposited directly into your account. It really cannot get any easier than that.


You can also sign up for affiliate programs from large online companies such as Amazon.com that allow you to market their discounted products on your website. Every time a visitor clicks on that advertisement, you get paid, or if the visitor follows the advert all the way to the companies website and purchases something, you get a percentage of that product paid directly to you.


Being an affiliate means you don’t have to worry about:

  • Delivery or delivery fees
  • Don’t have to purchase any inventory
  • Don’t have to ship products
  • Don’t have to deal with customer service
  • No storage required
  • No product costs
  • No employees
  • All tax-free paid directly to you


And, reoccurring sales and digital products can create passive income.


So what are the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate?

One of the best things about this community is your Membership is completely FREE. That’s a $0 cost to you to open an account with Wealthy Affiliate and to start your training in creating a new business with two free websites that will be supplied to you after you join. These websites even include the domain name and hosting. There is no other company out there that will give you this complete package for free.


This is what you get with your free access:

  • A support system that is available around the clock.
  • The ability to contact support at any time of the day for advice.
  • Interactive discussions among members.
  • Video tutorials and live training.
  • Two free websites.
  • Expert opinions available to you on any subject, in almost every field.
  • The co-founders of WA give you free mentorship which allows one on one training with them.

And so much more!


The fact you can now watch tutorials on how to succeed in your new online adventure at any time makes it so much easier, whether it be from the comfort of home using your PC/Mac, mobile or iPad, and this can be done from anywhere in the world. And all the tutorials and live videos are regularly updated on a weekly basis.


And rest assured, you will never feel alone in whatever your interest may be whilst you’re a member of WA. Wealthy Affiliate has an array of experts on board to share their experiences and/or advice with all new and existing members. And you if you ever have any concerns or queries, you can always get in touch with the two co-founders of WA (Kyle & Carson).


Is there any associated cost of being a free member?

Should you wish to go Premium, the price of membership is $49 p/m. But currently, we do have a special offer for anyone that wishes to become a premium member within the first 7 days of joining Wealthy Affiliate, you will pay just $19 for your first month. You get an even further discount if you take up a yearly membership which comes to just $359 per year which works out to just $29.90 p/m.


Joining Wealthy Affiliate is completely FREE. We don’t even require a credit card to join. Joining WA used to be $49 per month, and this was just to get started, now it is $0 to get started and can stay this way for as long as you like. In fact, I advise all my new members to take up the free membership first, as it will not only give you the opportunity to look around and get a feel for the unlimited possibilities, but it will also give you peace of mind that Wealthy Affiliate is far from being a scam and your earning potential can be endless.


Ok, so what are the benefits of being a Premium Member of WA?

Being a premium member not only allows you to focus primarily on your business, but it removes the added stress of dealing with a separate hosting company, spending money on purchasing software for keyword entries or other expensive website builders.


So you can say goodbye to wasting so much of your time searching on the net for information that is not only unreliable but outdated. You will have all the training, all the tools, all the support and all the information you will ever need under one roof at WA.


Google is always and consistently changing and updating their algorithms, so being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community is a must if you want to belong to a company that has its pulse on the most relevant and up-to-date training.


When you are a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, there will no need for you to be spending large sums of money buying e-books, additional training, searching for certain tools etc when it comes to being successful online. This is all included in your premium membership. Everything you need will be right there waiting for you within your Wealthy Affiliate back office. And being able to communicate with your fellow peers live, means you can ask question 24 hours, 7 days a week and get instant answers to your burning questions. No other online program or company within the internet world is able to offer this, and certainly not at $49 per month.


*Special Bonus*

First of all, Join the Free Starter account for $0. It costs you nothing to join, no credit card requirements, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go!


How to Claim Your Bonus…
After you have joined & opened your free Starter Account, you will have a further 7 days to try everything out within your WA back office. Before your 7 days is up, and you decide to join as a Premium member, you will pay just $19 instead of $49 for your first month, this a 59% discount I will be applying for you immediately. Or, continue as a free member, the choice is totally yours, there is no pressure to go premium straight away.


2nd Bonus: There is also another bonus I will send you 1 week after you have upgraded to premium. The reason I wait for 1 week is to allow you to settle into your new upgraded premium membership, as there is so much more for you to explore within your back office. This second bonus you will be receiving from me will catapult your business to the next level. Hint: It’s to do with receiving traffic to your website and of course it is completely free! This is also something most people have to pay for or put a lot of time into searching for the right package to get a flow of incoming traffic to their websites, which I might add, can take months in research and can be very expensive.


Members of Wealthy Affiliate have benefited from this program and continue to expand and grow for many years to come thanks to the support they receive. A definite, worthwhile adventure that will take you headfirst into a new career path with so much excitement for normal people just like you and me, especially when you start earning an income and start having more control over your life. You have nothing to lose just by trying it out. I did mention it was free, right?


Once you have joined as a free member, not only will I contact you immediately to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate, but one of the owners, Kyle or Carson will also get in touch with you the very same day. Kyle & Carson also make it a priority in welcoming every single member to WA.


Very Important: After you have joined, please make it your utmost urgency that you set-up your account by following the steps provided to you within your back office. It’s fast and easy and it will give you the best shot at getting your business started on the right track.


To Claim Your Bonus: After you have joined WA and opened your FREE Account, I will be sending you a bonus offer via pm (private message). If you decide to claim this bonus I am personally offering you an upgrade to a premium membership, you will need to do this within the first seven days. This offer will give you a 59% discount on your first month as a Premium Member.


How incredible is it when you think about how much fulfillment you will gain by using your own talents to make a living and still enjoy yourself in the process.


When you join WA, the attractive and unlimited perks (too many to mention on here) are endless. The WA community will fast become a part of your family and the growth your business will accelerate in, will be all thanks to the 15 years of experience with 1-on-1 mentoring!…


WA is completely free to try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You don’t need a credit card and you cancel at any time. So no more excuses, give it a go today for $0…



Well, there you have it. Thank you for taking the time to read my honest and open review on “What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Scam”. I hope this has helped you in making an informed decision as to whether Wealthy Affiliate is the right path for you. If anything, you will certainly know by now that… “Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a Scam”.


If you have experienced Wealthy Affiliate yourself and would like to provide your review or any feedback on the company, please leave a comment below. Your comments are always welcome and it certainly helps newcomers in making an informed decision before joining Wealthy Affiliate!


All the best…

Founder of “Legitimate Online Business


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  1. Your readers may thing that my comment is a biased one, as like you I am also an affiliate of WA. My view is that you cannot have stronger proof of how good Wealthy Affiliate is to start off your online business than from the ones who have actually tried and tested this platform. Just like me!! And you are right Wayne, WA system does work!!! It is free of charge to join – the choice is yours if you want to upgrade your membership to Premium, hence receiving access to additional training and website building facilities, but you can still build a business by remaining on the free of charge basic membership. After one year, I am still with WA because I firmly believe it has no flaws at all!!

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